KEI Forums and Events

In the month of October, KEI held and participated in a range of forums and events on Green Transition, Environmental Rights, and Green New Deal.

■ The Circular Economy for the Green Transition Forum
On October 29, the Circular Economy for the Green Transition Forum was held at the Glad Yeouido, Seoul. The event was organized jointly by the Civil Politics Forum within the National Assembly of Korea, the office of Lee Yong Sun (Member of the National Assembly), the National Assembly Futures Institute, and the Korea Environment Institute. The purpose of the event was to discuss the policy direction for a circular economy for achieving the green transition. Dr. Ji Hye Jo, Director of the Division for Resource Circulation, KEI, attended and made a presentation on the potential roles of the circular economy and the future strategies for the successful transition.

■ 40th Anniversary Celebration Forum for the Implementation of Environmental Rights & International Symposium
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Implementation of environmental rights in Korea, the Korean Environmental Law Association and KEI co-organized an expert forum-international symposium with the Ministry of Environment as the sponsor. The event took place on October 27 at the Glad Yeouido, Seoul, and was also live streamed in consideration of the COVID-19 situation. In the first section which included a keynote speech by the co-representative Lee Gyu Yong, President of the Korea Academy of Environmental Science, proposals and discussions, Dr. Han Sang Woon (Chief Research Fellow of KEI) made a presentation on the legislative tasks of protecting environmental rights.




■ The Role of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry in Successful Implementation of Green New Deal  
On October 28, the 2020 Fall KSIEC Symposium - KEI Special Symposium was held at the KDJ Convention Center. President Jeyong Yoon was the chairperson and Dr. Lee Chang Hoon (Chief Research Fellow) participated as the speaker. At the event, Dr. Lee talked about the plans and challenges in the implementation of the Korean Green Deal.


KEI Research Briefs Vol.8 No.9

A Study on Providing Land and Building Information Considering Climate Change Adaptation

Writing. Jiyoung Shin, Hyunjoo Park, Chaeyoung Bae, Taehyun Kim, Hoon Chang, Eunseok Lee, Wooseok Han, Christoph Schünemann, Reinhard Schinke, Regine Ortlepp

◆ Background and necessity of research
1. Increase in frequency of disaster occurrence, magnitude of damage, and uncertainty due to extreme weather events caused by climate change
2. Due to intensive use of land and buildings following the population concentration and urbanization, the development of semi-underground houses and steep slopes has increased, resulting in damage from climatic

◆ Domestic ministries and major relevance
1. The necessity of implementing the Second National Climate Change Response Plan (’16-’20) (I-4-4-4) has been raised
2. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport implemented the Joint Order on Integrated Management of National Land and Environmental Conservation Plans

◆ Purpose of research
Build a foundation to include information on climate change adaptation in land and building information to enhance the adaptability to climate change, and lay a foundation for mainstreaming climate change


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