Online Newsletter Vol.15


On September 18, the Korea Environment Institute held the second KEI Environment Forum of 2020, at the Seoul Plaza Hotel. The event was co-organized by the Ministry of Environment of Korea. The purpose of the event was to discuss how to promote green transitions of urban cities for sustainable development and the direction for smart green cities, in response to the COVID-19 recession and climate change in particular.

For The Green New Deal and Urban Green Transitions...

In compliance with the guidelines on social distancing, only the chairperson, speakers, and the debaters were present at the event. There were 3 sections including the presentations, panel discussions, and the general question and answer session. The event began with the welcome speech by the Minister of Environment, Cho Myung-Rae, who is also the former President of the KEI.


Dr. Park Chang-Sug, Chief Research Fellow in the Division of Environmental Planning, was one of the speakers in the presentation session. Also the head of the KEI Research Group on Smart Sustainable Cities, he mainly talked about urban green transitions in the era of climate and environmental crisis. In the general discussion session, experts in different fields participated, including Dr. Park Jong Soon from the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Park Se Hun, Head of the K-water Eco Green City department, and Song Sang Seok, Director General of the Green Transport Organization.

Green Infrastructure and the Green New Deal: in the Era of Decarbonization

On September 17, an online meeting on the Green Infrastructure and the Green New Deal was held, organized by the KEI and the Environmental Justice, a non-governmental organization devoted to finding solutions to environmental injustice. 4 Topics were presented, including decarbonization and the GND, resource circulation and green infrastructure, climate crisis and the GND, and urban transitions based on green infrastructure. Dr. Yi Sora, Senior Research Fellow in the Division for Resource Circulation, talked about generating energy in urban areas using waste. Dr. Lee Chang Hoon, Chief Research Fellow from the Division for Climate and Energy, also participated in the panel discussion.

Green New Deal for Regions Symposium

The Green New Deal for Regions Symposium was held at the Seoul Koreana Hotel September 17. The event consisted of two sessions; Session I was a roundtable discussion with the topic of the GND strategies for regions. The KEI President Jeyong Yoon led the discussion as the chairperson. Session II focused on the tasks for regions to promote the GND; the chairperson was Dr. CHU Jangmin, Chief Research Fellow of the KEI's Center for Global Cooperation. Session II included the presentations and discussions by the Korea Association of Regional Development Institute researchers.

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