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KEI Environment Forum

On May 28, the KEI Environment Forum was held at the Plaza Hotel, Seoul. The event was organized in hopes of seeking directions to develop South Korea’s Green New Deal and ways to promote it for Korea’s sustainable development, in response to climate change and the economic crisis expected in the post-COVID-19 era, according to Jeyong Yoon, President of KEI.


At the event, the President made a presentation on how to clarify the concept and objectives of Green New Deal, discover new business opportunities, make systematic improvements to promote it, and how to secure budget in the post-COVID-19 era. Presidents of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Korea Institute of Public Finance, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, National Council on Climate Change and Air Quality, Korea Energy Economics Institute, and Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs were also invited to hold discussions.

2020 KEI Performance Briefing

On April 29, the 2020 KEI Performance Briefing was held in the KEI main auditorium, at the Sejong National Research Complex. Only the parties concerned attended the event, including the researchers from KEI and several invited debaters, in an effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines recently established due to COVID-19. The entire event was broadcast live via the Internet. Each of four research groups, the Sustainability Research Group, the Climate, Air Quality and Safety Research Group, the Water and Land Research Group, and the Environmental Assessment Group shared the fruit of their research projects and ideas for further research. Including research on the management of plastics for a transition to a circular economy and development of assessment techniques for biodiversity in consideration of ecoinformatics, outcomes of other representative research projects of KEI that deal with the live issues were introduced at the event.



KEI Research Briefs Vol.8 No.4

<Building Sustainable Development Goals for Local Government by Referring to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)>

Writing. Jeongseok Lee et al.

This is a policy-oriented study to build a sustainable development strategy for local governments by referring to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This research is invested in not only analyzing the current status of SDGs, K-SDGs and the SDGs strategy of local governments, but also comparing K-SDGs with the SDGs strategy of regional or local governments, particularly based on the standard of similarity and dissimilarity. In addition, this study tries to understand what relationships exist between sustainable development and the national trend of decentralization.

KEI Research Briefs Vol.8 No.5

<A Study on Cost-sharing and Levy System for the Use and Management of Water Resources under an Integrated Water Resources Management System>

Writing. Hyunjoo Moon, Ah Young Jeong

 A reasonable cost-sharing scheme for the use and management of water resources should be established as a basic system for efficient use, conservation and management of water resources. However there have been problems and weaknesses in consistency of the cost-sharing principle and the establishment of a reasonable charging system under the separated water management systems. With the establishment of an integrated water management system, the arrangement of the cost-sharing system for water use and management has become a high priority. The purpose of this study is to examine a reasonable cost-sharing and levy system for the use and management of water resources under an integrated water resources management system.

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